5. Prague Cup

Prague Cup 2017, the fifth edition of this tournament, took place on Saturday the sixth and Sunday the seventh of May. In the Friday´s afternoon five teams from the whole Europe came to Prague to participate in our tournament. There were two newcomers in Prague Cup that year – two teams from Switzerland – Iron Cats Zurich and Zeka-Rollers Aargau. And then there was the team De Pont Rotterdam (The Netherlands), who came for the third time and with one second place and one victory was a hot favourite. The team Torpedo Ladenburg (Germany) came already for the fifth time – they hadn’t´missed a year – and with one victory and three third places also belong among favourites this year. It was the third participation even for the team Trouble Makers Ljubljana (Slovenia). Three teams from the Czech Republic – Jaguars Prague, New Cavaliers Prague and Indians Pilsen – completed this group of eight teams.

All matches were played in one preliminary group, each with each, and in the Sports hall Radotín again. The matches of the preliminary round were played on Saturday and in the Sunday morning. Teams played on two smaller fields; for 2×10 minutes. The winner of the preliminary group was Torpedo Ladenburg, the second was De Pont, the third Zeka-Rollers and the fourth Jaguars. So the pairs for the semifinals matches were also clear. Trouble Makers ended on the fifth place and Iron Cats on the sixth – so they played for final fifth place. And the seventh New Cavaliers and the eight Indians played for the final seventh place.

The semifinal matches were played on a bigger field – Jaguars played with Torpedo and De Pont played with Zeka-Rollers and there were no surprises – Torpedo and De Pont won their matches and played the final game for the trophy and we played with Zeka-Rollers for the final third place. And there were no changes after the matches for the lower places either. The ranking after the preliminary round didn’t change.

We were not successful against Zeka-Rollers in the match for the third place and they beat us 3:0 and reached the bronze trophy. The final between Torpedo and De Pont won the team Torpedo 2:1 after tight and intense match. Torpedo became the champion of Prague Cup for the second time.

And at the end there was only the farewell dinner at MeetFactory, where the final ceremony took place. So, here is the final ranking of the fifth Prague Cup: On the eight place ended SK Indians Pilsen; on the seventh place ended New Cavaliers Prague; the sixth were Iron Cats Zurich; the fifth Trouble Makers Ljubljana. On the fourth place were Jaguars Prague, the third were Zeka-Rollers Aargau; the second De Pont Rotterdam this time and the winners was the team Torpedo Ladenburg. The individual award for the best scorer got Rodi Feller from De Pont with 39 goals. The award for the best goalkeeper received Pascal Vredegoor from De Pont with the percentage success 94 %. And as the best T-stick player was voted Jörg Diehl from Torpedo. Michael Rosche was voted as the best referee.

At the end we want to thank to our City police, who helped us. We thank to the company NetRex s.r.o. for streaming the matches. Thank to all who helped with the organisation of the tournament. And thank to all teams and players for coming. We hope you will come again.

Resultes of matches – preliminary round
Resultes of finals matches
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