4. Prague Cup

DSC_0670On days 1st and 2nd of May took place already the fourth year of the international tournament Prague Cup in Prague. Seven teams participated this time – four teams came from abroad (De Pont Rotterdam, GP Bulls Eindhoven, Tigers Bolzano and Torpedo Ladenburg) and three teams were from the Czech Republic (Jaguars Prague, New Cavaliers Prague and Indians Pilsen). All matches were played in one preliminary group, each with each, and in the Sports hall Radotín again.

The matches of the preliminary round were played on Friday. Teams played on two smaller fields; for 2×10 minutes. Most successful were fancied teams – the winner of the preliminary group was De Pont, the second were GP Bulls and the third Torpedo. But our team was also successful when we took the fourth place. It meant a certainty of playing in semi-finals the next day for us. New Cavaliers ended on the fifth place, Tigers were the sixth and Indians the seventh. There were matches for 5. – 7. place waiting for them on Saturday.

DSC_2005All matches on Saturday were played on one bigger field and playing time changes to 2×15 minutes. The day was opened with the semi-final match of the first with the fourth from Friday – so De Pont against Jaguars. As all supposed De Pont won and became the first finalists. The second semi-final was way more exciting – GP Bulls and Torpedo fought for final. GP Bulls beat Torpedo 2:0 in the preliminary group. But Torpedo finally won the semi-final 2:1. New Cavaliers were the most successful in the small semi-final when they beat Tigers 3:1 and Indians narrowly 5:4. The team Tigers beat Indians after long and equal match 6:3.

The match for the third place followed and the team Jaguars faced fancied GP Bulls. Our aim was to reach a better result then 10:1 for GP Bulls in preliminary round. The match ended 6:3 for GP Bulls so they took the third place. The final match won De Pont when they beat Torpedo 5:1.

DSC_1020And at the end there was only the farewell dinner at Žluté Lázně, where the final ceremony took place. So, here is the final ranking of the fourth Prague Cup: on the seventh place ended Indians Pilsen, the sixth were Tigers Bolzano, the fifth New Cavaliers Prague. On the fourth place were Jaguars Prague, the third GP Bulls Eindhoven, the second Torpedo Ladenburg and the winners were De Pont Rotterdam. An individual award for the best scorer got Kamal Tahtahi from De Pont with 36 goals. The award for the best goalkeeper received Olga Ulrich from Torpedo with the percentage success 80%. And as the best T-stick player was voted Cathry Strijbosch from GP Bulls. Alfredo Tossini was voted as the best referee.

At the end we want to thank to our City police, who helped us. We thank to the Fund Konto Bariéry and the company NetRex s.r.o. for streaming the matches. Thank to all who helped with the organisation of the tournament. And thank to all teams and players for coming. We hope you will come again.

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