About tournament

Powerchair Hockey is a dynamic sport which has been constantly changing and developing since its beginning in the seventies in the Netherlands. Although this sport hadn’t come to the Czech Republic before the new century started, we try to catch the Europe and keep the pace. To be able to do that the contact is needed. And this is the reason why the international tournaments are so important.

Prague Cup, an international tournament, has been organised by the sports club EWSC Prague with its team Jaguars since 2009. It was founded as the first international tournament of Powerchair Hockey in Prague. It was founded just because of the need of the contact with the foreign game, which is so important for our development. The comparison is a great motivation to improve and show us the real level of our game, which is not so evident in still small Czech league competition.

The tournament Prague Cup has been held since the year 2009 every other year. There have been five editions so far and the last one was in 2017.

Eight foreign teams from five countries (Belgium, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Slovenia) participated in 2009. The tournament was taken by two teams from the Netherlands with Star Riders winning. There was other important moment that year and it was the beginning of the cooperation with the City police of Prague. They have been helping with the organization almost every big Powerchair Hockey event in Prague since then.

Although there were less participating foreign teams (5 teams) of Prague Cup in 2011, the tournament turned to be also good. The game transferred from the gym in Střední odborná škola stavební a zahradnická to the Sports hall Radotín, where our tournament has taken place since then. And another interesting thing was the place of the final dinner and ceremony – the highest floor of the highest Prague´s building – City Tower at Pankrác. The team Torpedo Ladenburg, which has participated in all years of this tournament so far, won Prague Cup 2011.

The year 2013 was in the name of the record participation – nine foreign teams came. The capacity of all rooms was filled up to the last place with 12 teams in total (plus 3 Czech teams). The final dinner and ceremony transferred to Žluté Lázně at the bank of Vltava. We came back there also in the year 2015. The best scorer not only of the year 2013 but Prague Cup in its whole existing history was Marcel van den Muysenberg with 50 goals. It isn´t a surprise that his team Star Riders finally won Prague Cup 2013.

The fourth edition of Prague Cup was in 2015 and seven teams in total participated (4 foreign teams). It was possible to play in one preliminary group with the system “each with each”. Jaguars reached the semifinals at their tournament for the first time and finally took the fourth place, which has been our best result at Prague Cup so far. The tournament was won by De Pont Rotterdam.

The fifth edition of Prague Cup was held in May 2017 and there came eight teams – five teams came from abroad and three czech teams filled the group. The only tournaments newcomers were two teams from Switzerland. Teams tend to coming back to Prague Cup otherwise. Specifically Torpedo Ladenburg hasnt´t missed a year yet. We played „each with each“ in one preliminary group again and traditionally in the Sportshall Radotín. We reached the semifinals again defended the fourth place successfully.

Along with the big tournament Prague Cup we have also the smaller version – MINI Prague Cup. It is also an international tournament but there aren´t so many teams and it isn´t so spectacular – so it is more affordable for teams which don´t belong to usual guests on the big international tournaments.

The first edition of MINI Prague Cup was in  2014. There were four teams participating – three home teams (Jaguars Prague, New Cavaliers Prague and Indians Pilsen) and one team from Germany – Ballbusters Würzburg.

The second MINI Prague Cup is coming this year and there are five teams coming. There is no change in the participation of the czech teams – Jaguars Prague, New Cavaliers Prague and Indians Pilsen. And we welcome the B team of Iron Cats from the Switzerland and the Star Drivers from Germany.