Untitled-1Jaguars Prague

Our club was founded in 2003 as the second team in the Czech Republic and we were the first EWH team in Prague. The team´s name changed, but the game is still the same as well as our enthusiasm. We have been playing under the flag of Jaguars for the eighth season. Many players went through our club, many of them play in other teams now. We have eight players now. We made a big progress and won the title of National Champions in years 2011 and 2012. We won the trophy at the international tournament Prague Powerchair Hockey Open in 2014 and 2015.


2 – Stanislav Cimpa
11 – Iva Zemková
12 – Jan Hašlar
13 – Petra Černá
16 – Jana Stárková
25 – Denis Goll
91 – Pavel Štolba
96 – Kristýna Budská

De Pont RcustomLogootterdam

De Pont Rotterdam is coming to Prague Cup for the third time. They won the last year of Prague Cup and was second in 2009, so they belong among favorites. De Pont is one of the most successful team both in the Netherlands and whole Europe. Three players of their team are members of the National team. They say about their team that the team liked to play a fast and attractive game and Fair Play and respect for their opponent was very important to them.


5 – Bob Götz
7 – Rodi Feller
8 – Reza Feili
10 – Kamal Tahtahi
11 – Richard Goudswaard
69 – Pascal Vredegoor

Indians Pilsenloga_indians12

SK INDIANS Pilsen are participating in our tournament for the third time. The team was founded in 2012 and participates in Czech League as well as in the international tournaments since then. The whole team consists of players, veterans and beginners both, spread out in 6 towns. In year 2014 SK Indians fought for the title of Champions with New Cavaliers but finally took the second place. Few of their players have the experience from the national team.


1 – Miroslav Prouza
4 – Jan Thenot
7 – Jan Vaněk
9 – Michal Enge
10 – Jiří Táborský st.
72 – Lukáš Kroupa
99 – Jitka Kodadová

Iron Cats Zurich

Iron Cats are coming to the Prague Cup for the first time. The second team of Iron Cats was founded in 2000 and consists of a colourful combination of players aged between 15 and 28 years, all of which suffer from a progressive muscle disorder. The second team is the so-called „feeder team“ of the first team. Because this team has only three stick players, the ambitious players have specialized in executing different blocking strategies. The team is still full of potential for the future. In the last three years this young team has won three championship titles in the second league which caused quite a sensation. For Iron Cats 2 this is the second tournament taking place in a foreign country.


6 – Driton Avdijaj
10 – Lucas Föllmi
16 – Egzon Gashi
21 – Amir Gashi
25 – Yannick Schaaf
83 – Sascha Hafner
91 – Manuel Melder
99 – Ismael Binaku

New Cavaliers Praguelogo

New Cavaliers participate in Prague Cup for the third time. The team was founded in the end of 2009 and concists of experienced players and newcomers as well. Few players have an experience with National team. New Cavaliers are the national champions from the years 2010, 2013, 2014 and 2015/2016. They also participate in international tournaments in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands and organize their own international tournament Prague Powerchair open. The greatest achievement is winning the tournament Mini Prague Cup in 2014.


2 – Ondřej Tomeš
8 – Michaela Charvátová
13 – Tomáš Suchý
14 – Jiří Němeček
26 – Markéta Petráčková
83 – Jan Kubový
88 – Jaroslav Novotný
96 – Artur Hübl

logo_torpedoTorpedo Ladenburg

Torpedo Ladenburg are coming for the fifth time. They haven´t missed any year of Prague Cup so far. The team was established in 1988, during a hockey workshop at Martinsschule, Ladenburg. This makes Torpedo one of the oldest E-Hockey clubs in Germany. They belong also among the most successful teams not only in Germany. After many years of belonging to different associations like the AC Weinheim 1892, and a lot of national and international titles that where achieved, Torpedo Ladenburg established their own association in 2012.


1 – Olga Ulrich
2 – Thomas Schmidt
5 – Naome Schenk
7 – Nelson Braillard
8 – Veronica Conceicao
22 – Jörg Diehl
33 – Heiko Schmidt
99 – Paul Emmering

Trouble Makers Ljubljana

Trouble Makers Ljubljana are coming for the fourth time. The team was estabilished by Muscular Dystrophy Association of Slovenia (MDAS) in 1993. The team then appeared in the Erlangen tournament in the same year. In the beginning the team was very poorly equipped and for the first few years they also didn´t have a coach. Today the situation is much better – the team has twelve players, better wheelchairs and regular training once a week under the supervision of a coach. The Trouble Makers have participated in several tournaments in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.


1 – Gregor Žargaj
4 – Klemen Dimnik
5 – Tilen Ribnikar
9 – Aleš Žučko
11 – Marjan Mežnar
18 – Matjaž Bartol
88 – Gregor Jerič

Zeka-Rollers Aargau

The Zeka-Rollers are coming to Prague Cup for the first time. It is a young enthusiastic swiss team, which started to play Powerchair Hockey in 2003. The players of this team live in the cities Aarau and Baden. Two teams play in the swiss championchip. The team won the swiss cup final and got the wonderful experience of participating in their first international tournament in 2015, it was the Prague Powerchair open.


4 – Tomislav Tomic
7 – Michele Mettauer
10 – Mateo Tomic
11 – Jan Schäublin
12 – Thiemo Hächler
16 – Bryan Bischof
18 – Adrian Dervishi
19 – Susanne Henzmann
22 – José Schnider
50 – Ben Wadley